Under 18 - No tobacco

Persons under the age of 18 may not trade tobacco products on the Site. To shop, you need to strengthen your age - whether you buy tobacco products or nicotine-free products. Everyone who deals with the website must enter their personal identification number and address this can not be changed to a temporary delivery address. At home delivery, the distribution company may request ID action to strengthen age verification as well as identity.

Each order is also manually reviewed through our staff.

We do regular sampling and can then request that the customer send a copy of valid ID document, to clarify the age of the customer.

We do this because tobacco is a regulated product intended only for adults (18 years or older).

Orders made in another person's name (counterfeiting), or otherwise causing queenofsnus to incur financial damage, are reported to the police. In case of suspicion of irregularities or abuse of our order function, queenofsnus reserves the right to refuse purchase.

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