About Us

About Us

About Queen Of Snus

We the people behind Queen of Snus are all committed to cater a great customer journey.

We are based in Sweden and have been active since 2018. Our business model is built on customer support and a broad assortment in our store.
The Nicotine Pouches products are a fast-growing business, and ever-changing. This is something that we always strive to meet, with hard and passionate work.

White Pouches and The Queen

In 2021 we were approached by the Swedish brand White Pouches to start a merge. We decided that it was time to take a big leap up to the next level. So we said yes to the merge. As of now, we are fully merged together with whitepouches.com. This means more products, bigger markets and a wider customer base. Today we work side by side in marketing and logistics.


If you have any questions regarding our service please don’t hesitate to reach out.